Exclusive: Spooky ‘Temple’ Clip Teases a Paranormal Predicament

     August 24, 2017


Today, we’re happy to debut an exclusive clip for the upcoming horror thriller, Temple. From You’re Next and The Guest writer Simon Barrett and Mike Macari, executive producer of The Ring trilogy, Temple follows three American tourists searching for an ancient temple, who stumble into a paranormal nightmare on their journey. When Kate (Natalia Warner) recruits her boyfriend (Brandon Sklenar) and her oldest friend (Logan Huffman) for a trip to explore Japan, tensions begin to rise between the trio as they follow a mysterious map through the jungles of Japan on the hunt for the titular temple and discover a much more sinister force than they bargained for.
Our exclusive clip teases the spooky action, when the trio finally makes their way to the haunted historical grounds, start poking around, and quickly start to realize they’ve traveled to the wrong destination. The clip also shows off a bit of the film’s mixed media format, which embraces elements of both found footage and traditional filmmaking. Temple marks the directorial debut from Michael Barrett, veteran Director of Photography behind Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Ted, and Everything Must Go, and also stars Asahi Uchida and Naoto Takenaka. Screen Media Films drops the film in theaters and on VOD on September 1.

Here’s the official synopsis for Temple:

“Three American tourists follow a mysterious map deep into the jungles of Japan searching for an ancient temple. When spirits entrap them, their adventure quickly becomes a horrific nightmare.”

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