New ‘Terminator’ Movie Gets a Summer 2019 Release Date

     September 27, 2017


Skydance looked at the $89 million domestic Terminator: Genisys pulled in (and granted, it made $440 million worldwide) and said, yes, people want more Terminator movies. However, rather than picking up where Genisys left off (remember that weird orb thing?), the upcoming Terminator film will go in a completely different direction.  James Cameron is overseeing the project with Tim Miller (Deadpool) directing and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton set to return for an installment that’s supposed to set up a new trilogy, which will hand the franchise over to a younger cast.

Now it looks like the movie is hitting the fast track with Paramount Pictures announcing that they’ve set the sixth Terminator film for July 26, 2019. There’s currently no competition on that date other than an untitled Sony Pictures Animation feature, but it will be going up against the second weekend of the live-action The Lion King remake, which should create some formidable competition considering that the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is currently the highest grossing film of 2017.

There are currently no plot details on this new Terminator other than bringing back Schwarzenegger and Hamilton and ignoring the last three Terminator movies (you could also say it’s ignoring Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but since that cult hit TV series happens in an alternate timeline, I think it’s safe to consider that canon).  The new film will be a direct sequel to 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day with David Goyer and Josh Friedman working on the script.

The question becomes if audiences want more Terminator movies. Even with Cameron’s involvement, that doesn’t guarantee that people will come back. To be fair, the last three Terminator movies have had kind of lousy stories, so maybe if they fix that up, there will be an audience, but the brand itself isn’t enough to get people back.

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