December 9, 2013

the terminator

Alan Taylor‘s Terminator reboot may have an official title.  According to Production Weekly’s Twitter feed, the upcoming film will be called “Terminator: Genesis“.  The production is currently deciding between Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Brie Larson (Short Term 12) to play the new Sarah Connor, and they’ll also be looking for a new John Connor and Kyle Reese.   Terminator: Genesis is currently set to open on July 1, 2015.

Also, as we reported a few days ago, there’s going to be a new TV series that will tie into the film.  That’s a whole lot of Terminator for a franchise that flopped hard when Terminator Salvation was released back in 2009.  But I guess you can’t keep SkyNet and its army of killer robots down.  We don’t know what the TV series will be called, but I hope they go with my suggestion, “Terminator n’ Friends“.

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