Terrence Howard Crashes Out of IRON MAN 2, Replaced by Don Cheadle

     October 13, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

Today the Hollywood Reporter is breaking a major story regarding “Iron Man 2”. Terrence Howard will NOT be resuming the role of Jim “I’m Going To Be Fucking War Machine In The Sequel” Rhodes. Marvel has no comment but sources close to the negotiations say that negotiations fell through over “financial differences, among other reasons”. Okay, let me put it this way: Unless Howard asked for the movie to be re-titled “War Machine Starring Terrence Howard and his Special Friend Robert Downey Jr.” and was asking for $700 billion dollars in taxpayer money, you give him what he wants. He’s worth it. From “Hustle & Flow” to “Pride” to all of his incredible work, he’s worth it. He’s one of the best actors working today.

This is no disrespect to Cheadle, who is also one of the best actors working today. Yes, Don Cheadle will get to don the Mach 2 armor in the sequel. While I have no doubt that Cheadle will carry the role effortlessly, it’s disappointing that Howard, who deserves to be an A-list star, is not returning.

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