Terry Gilliam’s THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE May Have New Life (Again); Gilliam also Circling Adaptation MR. VERTIGO

     November 21, 2011

No matter how the movie eventually turns out, you have to admire Terry Gilliam‘s tenacity in getting The Man Who Killed Don Quixote made.  The collapse of the production was told in painful detail in the documentary Lost in La Mancha.  In May 2010, it looked like the movie would finally get off the ground again with Robert Duvall playing Quixote and Ewan McGregor as a 21st century advertising executive who travels back in time to 17th century Spain and joins in Quixote in his adventures.  Then the project fell apart again when financing collapsed four months later.

But according to Italian site Altarimini [via The Playlist], Gilliam says he plans to start shooting in the spring with Duvall still attached to play Quixote (it’s unclear if McGregor is still on board).  While that’s far from a confirmation of a hard start date, Gilliam says the project has found new life.  He tells Empire: “There’s somebody new come along with a new bit of energy… a person who can get money.”  Hit the jump for more including what Gilliam had to say about adapting Paul Auster‘s Mr. Vertigo.

Gilliam stressed to Empire that this new person with energy and money-getting abilities doesn’t automatically mean The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is a go:

“It’s at a very early stage. And I’ve been around this one so often. Because what’s happened is that the business is very superstitious. It’s been around too long, it’s tainted, it’s cursed.”

If the taint and the curse are too much for Don Quixote to overcome, Gilliam still has other work on the horizon.  He tells Empire that his adaptation of Paul Auster’s Mr. Vertigo may be a likelier candidate to be his next movie: “This Paul Auster thing — those are Hollywood producers… If we get it together I’ll probably do it.”  The plot definitely sounds like a Gilliam flick.  Here’s the synopsis:

It tells the story of a young orphaned boy from St. Louis, Walter Claireborne Rawley, who happens upon a mysterious traveler known only as Master Yehudi. Master Yehudi trains Walter to fly and they begin traveling across the United States performing this feat at circus sideshows. Many times they are faced with hardships such as the Ku Klux Klan, the Chicago Mob, and Walter’s drunken uncle, Slim. [Wikipedia]

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