Terry O’Quinn is Part of MISSION ICEFLY

     June 25, 2011

Terry O'Quinn MISSION ICEFLY slice

At this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival, one of the things that I heard was very cool was right before Arcade Fire performed, people said it was raining blue light from the sky.  When I heard about it, I figured most of my friends were wasted and it was a plane overheard that was blinking a blue light. However, the other day I received a package and it had a flash drive and a few other things.  The items (pictures after the jump) had a link to testsubjectsneeded.com and one of them had “Mission Icefly” written on the side of it.

When I put the flash drive in my computer, I noticed it had a video.  It starts with a sign for Bonnaroo and then it shows people reacting to what I’d heard about.  As the video ends, it has a link to missionicefly.com.  However, shortly after the link, the video goes black and then after a few seconds, a very short message appears.  While I can’t make out what is said, I did notice the person talking is Terry O’Quinn (Lost).  More info after the jump.

While I have no idea why O’Quinn is in the video, or exactly what this is for, I’m pretty sure it has to be for something cool.  Here’s the video and pics of what came in the mail.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this soon.

If you know what this is for, email me (frosty @ collider.com) or leave it in the comments.

Mission Icefly


Mission Icefly image


Mission Icefly image

Mission Icefly image



Terry O'Quinn MISSION ICEFLY image

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