‘The 100’: Exclusive Clip Teases the Aftermath of the Arkadia Attack

     March 15, 2017


Well, dang. As usual, nothing in the world of The 100 last for long, so probably we should have known that Skaikru’s safety boat for the human race, the remains of the spaceship in Arkadia, wasn’t long for this world. At the end of last week’s episode, Arkadia went boom in Ilian’s seriously misguided revenge mission, and now its time to deal with the fallout.

Now that Arkadia is out the picture as even a partial solution, Clarke and the team have to find a new way to survive once the reactors meltdown, which is where we pick up in ‘We Will Rise.’ Facing down a future that’s even bleaker that usual has got Skaikru’s sometimes crazy, sometimes fearless longtime leadership figure Jaha (Isaac Washington) getting pensive about the hardships ahead. And it’s got Jasper… well, pretty much just acting like how Jasper acts these days; frustratingly non-plussed about the end of the world and quoting Doctor Suess for some reason. Meanwhile, the on-again/of-again of allies, Clark and Roan are teaming up once more to transport precious materials to Raven and Abbie.

Get a sneak peak at the Arkadia bombing fallout in our exclusive clip below:

Here’s the The 100 Season 4 synopsis:

The fourth season picks up right where we left off. Clarke has just learned the human race is doomed to face an unbeatable enemy. Alie was telling the truth. The remaining nuclear reactors on Earth are melting and will set the atmosphere on fire. Can our heroes find hope knowing the end is inevitable? Will they spend their remaining days trying to survive? Or will they use their limited time to finally live? The stakes have never been higher, alliances are breaking, and the world is about to collapse. Civility has no place at the end of the world and there’s no telling what lengths our heroes can and will go to in order to survive.

The 100 Season airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on The CW. The show was recently renewed for a fifth season.