‘The 100’ Season 3 Trailer Teases a Bigger War Ahead

     January 11, 2016


I don’t mean to exaggerate, but it’s been, like, forever since we’ve seen a new episode of The 100. That’s about to change come January 21st, and The CW has released a new season 3 trailer to get us ready for the next (yes, next!) war.

Without diving too much into spoiler territory, the season 2 finale left us with a ton of questions. Where is Clarke heading? How different will Jasper be after that thing that happened in that place? Will the Grounders and Sky People ever get along? Who’s that mystery woman (who’s so not human) Jaha meets? And, while gay men were apparently all wiped out in the radiation apocalypse, can there please be more lesbian relationships because #diversity? While we still have plenty more to think about as we get closer to the premiere, watch the new footage below calm the storm of anticipation.

Okay, now you might want to turn back for just this paragraph if you’re still catching up with season 2. Clarke is still very much haunted by past actions — in other words killing Finn before the Grounders could torture him to death. When last we saw her, she was running off into the woods to live on her own to ponder her life choices, but the new trailer (much like the last one) reveals her new Grounder look. She’s become an infamous figure on Earth since the finale. As Indra says, everyone is hunting her, which explains why she has to completely change her look.

Elsewhere, we hear snippets of dialogue that teases the end of this Grounders-Sky People truce (did you really think that was gonna last?) and a much larger dilemma going on with Jaha and his new friend. Thankfully he at least has Murphy, of all people, to try and recenter his moral compass.

The biggest mystery, for me, is what is going on with that tower? We saw Clarke staring at it in the season 3 poster, but other talk about it has been few and far between. It looks to be surrounded by another civilization, but it doesn’t look like the Ice Nation over which actress Brenda Strong will reside. My bet is that it’s the Grounder capital city, as this season will dive a lot more into what goes on in the society.

We don’t have too much time to ponder these questions, as The 100 season 3 will premiere on January 21st at 9 p.m. EST.


Image via The CW