‘The 100’ Season 3: 10 Questions We Need Answered

     January 21, 2016


The 100 Season 2 finale aired back on March 11th, and fans have been patiently twiddling their thumbs for what seems like too long to bear. Jaha made it through the Dead Zone in less time. All of this waiting could very well pay off because now, with Season 3 starting this week, we’re likely to truck right through instead of breaking midseason. Plus, the wait has given us ample time to ponder the show’s biggest questions.

Everyone had to make hard choices in the Season 2 finale, and the battle at Mount Weather is sure to have lasting ramifications on The Grounders and Sky People alike. As we move ahead into Season 3, the cast and crew have been teasing a much larger conflict that affects all of humanity, while new characters like Brenda Strong’s Ice Queen, come into play.

When Season 3 premieres on Thursday, January 21st on the CW — or after, if you’re going with streaming — look for the answers to any of these questions. Be warned, there are spoilers aplenty below for the first two seasons.