‘The 100’ Season 4 Trailer: The End Is Extremely Nigh (Again)

     January 11, 2017


The 100 is a dark show. Excepting some odd, Imagine Dragons-fuelled early episodes when the series was still finding its footing, The 100 has always been a dark show and never pretended to be anything else. There’s a lot of torture and murder, and more than one genocide, and as we head into Season 4, the apocalypse is extremely night… again. But hoo boy, based on this latest teaser, it’s going to be fun — high fives and all.

Just kidding, we all know it’s not going to be fun. It’s going to be brutal and miserable as ever, and hopefully just as compelling. Not much is known about Season 4 so far, but we do know that Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is up against her most impossible battle yet. After defeating ALLE and destroying the City of Light in the Season 3 finale, the clock is rapidly ticking and Skaikru only has a matter of months to figure out how to survive the meltdown of Earth’s remaining nuclear reactors.

Sure, this new trailer is a poppy, finger-snapping good time teasing the sexy end of the world (I’m not a regular apocalypse, I’m a cool apocalypse), but the first Season 4 trailer made it abundantly clear that there are plenty of dark days ahead still for Clarke, the Grounders, and all of Earth’s scrappy remaining survivors as they prepare for the new nuclear apocalypse. It’s a bit cognitively dissonant, but there are some pretty cool teases. Check it out below.