‘The 100’ Season 4: First Trailer Heralds the End of Days

     December 14, 2016


Season 1 of The 100 brought war between The Sky People and Grounders, Season 2 united them against Mount Weather, and Season 3 was a war for the fate of all mankind. With the arrival of the first Season 4 trailer, the question now becomes, how will they fight when “the end is coming”?

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) helped destroy The City of Light and stopped A.L.I.E.’s plan to horde humanity within her reach, and now she’ll have to deal with those consequences. The last remaining power plants that weren’t destroyed by the initial bomb are melting down, and as the A.I. warned, 96% of the entire planet will become uninhabitable in about six months, heralding the signs of the nuclear apocalypse with black rain and pre-cancerous lesions.

We also can’t ignore everyone who died last season. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) has become a feral warrior called “Sky Ripper,” a transformation that no doubt stemmed from killing Pike for murdering Lincoln. Then there’s the death of Lexa, which caused quite the stir among the fandom. Clarke seems to find herself back in a position of power, which is never an easy role for her to take on. How will she lead her people when many of them appear to be falling apart at the seams?

Watch the new trailer below:

What began rocky has since smoothed out into one of the most thought-provoking pieces of sci-fi the genre has to offer, and the network has since opened up to the greatness of The 100, despite the controversies over last season’s events: the death of Lexa sparked a conversation about LGBTQ characters, while actor Ricky Whittle let his grievances with showrunner Jason Rothenberg. Those have both died down, with Whittle getting a new role on Starz’s American Gods.

Season 4 of The 100 returns to The CW on February 1 at 9 p.m. Here’s the official synopsis: