‘The 100’: Zach McGowan and the Cast Weigh in on King Roan’s Reign

     February 2, 2017


Nothing can take down the King of Azgeda! On The 100, Roan’s survived both a battle to the death with Lexa and a bullet to the chest from Kane. Is there anything that can take him down? With the Flame in his possession, he took control of Polis and protected Skaikru by preserving Lexa’s legacy of the 13 Clan Coalition.

Collider stopped by The 100 set this fall with a group of reporters and spoke with Zach McGowan (Roan), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), and Adina Porter (Indra) for insight into the King’s journey in Season 4:

What are Roan’s political roles this season?

McGowan: I think that’s a big choice that he’ll have to make. After the fall of ALIE and Lexa’s gone and there’s no Commander and Ontari’s gone and all of that, there’s a power vacuum. So it’s big question as to what’s the right thing for everyone and who is going to take power over. And I think that’s a big question for Roan, is whether he even wants to do that kind of stuff. I’ve always kind of envisioned him like…he’s kind of, like, reluctantly involved in all of this. In Polis and whatnot. He’s not necessarily whole-heartedly into that. It’ll be a big question as to….both who takes power and whether or not he’ll want it and whether or not he can control the Ice Nation, which is an unruly group and he hasn’t obviously spent much time with them anyway since he’s been banished for so long. That’s something that’s explored quite a bit.


Image via The CW

On whether there’s a relationship between Roan and someone else McGowan is excited for the fans to see:

McGowan: I think there’s a lot of relationships that he’s– he’s got old relationships that come back and also the new forged relationship, the kind of unlikely relationship, he has with Clarke. They have some sort of respect for each other even though they’ve always been pointing weapons at each other or dragging…I did a lot of dragging her through the woods tied up last season. I think their relationship plays heavily into what happens, as well as some of the other people from his part that kind of pop up as well.

On a new partnership between Roan and Octavia:

Avgeropoulos:. I can’t tell you if it’s in a positive or negative way, but you do see Octavia and Roan come together and form an alliance that maybe even becomes broken at one point too, so you can see both sides of the story.

What’s the relationship like between Roan and Indra?

Porter: We’re like the Red Sox and the Yankees. We come back together again and we’re from generations of hating each other, but when you are faced with the end of the world, you’ve got to make different alliances. Yep, we’re together. You will see us in the same scene over and over again, and whether we can trust each other or not.

McGowan: I think there’s this kind of thing, it’s like the Grounders have their own tribalism. But then there’s also the sky people. There’s something kind of explored like “who do you align yourself with?” Do you align yourself with the sky people or do you align yourself with the people who have a shared history with you here on the ground? I think that really plays heavily into their relationship.

Certainly, I think Roan has a lot of choices to make as the season unfolds as to who he will put his– like, who does he throw his lot in with. And certainly, the other Grounders, he has a lot of respect for because that’s he’s– even though they have separate cultures, they have that shared culture, as opposed to the Skaikru and their changing of our culture. They do have a special relationship for sure.


Image via The CW

There will be more Grounder clans this season, so what’s it been like exploring more of that culture?

McGowan: I think that that’s something the show has done well, is just kind of slowly revealing how big the world of the people who survived here actually is. And it’s a fairly large world and there’s people in pockets who survived all around. … Even more, you’ll see more and more of the differences between the different groups and how the different belief systems … make people work together or force people further apart. And as is the case with the impending second apocalypse on its way, I think you find a lot of the struggle of “do we work together to face this challenge?” or is it “everyone for themselves” and scatter and whatnot. That really becomes so much, such a huge thing in the show this season– just do we work together or do we not work together?

Will there be more fighting for Roan?

McGowan: Yeah. I was just at stunt rehearsal. And you only do stunt rehearsal really for fighting. I like a good fight, so it’s fun to do them. They don’t disappoint. We get to do a lot of fun stuff. That’s actually one of the coolest things about the show, it’s like every episode is it’s own little little mini-movie and you get to do a lot of cool stuff. So there’s a lot of fun to be had. And expect Roan to kick some ass here and there.

The 100 airs Wednesday nights on The CW.