HARRY POTTER Producer David Heyman Adapting French Novels for THE ADVENTURES OF OSCAR PILL

     April 5, 2011


Warner Bros. has acquired the feature film rights to the series of French youth novels centered around Oscar Pill, a teenage boy who can travel through the human body and other living beings.  Physician and author Eli Anderson wrote five novels in all.

TheWrap reports The Adventures of Oscar Pill is set up at Heyday Films, the banner of David Heyman, producer on all eight Harry Potter films.  Heyman will produce with Jeff Clifford (No Strings Attached).  Find more on the Oscar Pill mythology and a plea to the French after the break.

Most everything I can find on Oscar Pill is written in French, a language I don’t speak save for Godard movie titles and Beatles lyrics.  There is plenty of detail on the French Wikipedia page, though.  This is what I’ve pieced together with Google translator:the-adventures-of-oscar-pill-book-cover

Oscar Pill is a very ordinary teenager until the day he discovers that he has the power to enter human bodies and he belongs to the order of “Médicus”.  His mission is then to fight their enemies, the Pathologus. He will travel across five fabulous worlds of the human body to find each trophy to move to the next world. He will also try to find the mysterious consequences of the death of his father, a great Medicus.

In the first book in the series, Oscar learns that he is a Médicus, then he should go to Cumides Circle to continue his training. The start takes place in a remote prison in Siberia, the great master of Pathologus escaped through a ruse.

Reminds me of that Magic School Bus episode where the class went on a field trip inside Janet (below, obviously) — only with more good vs. evil and less Ms. Frizzle.

I appreciate any help from French speakers in the comments to post a more coherent synopsis.  I am particularly curious how “Médicus” and “Pathologus” should translate.  Is it something like “Doctors” vs. “Diseases”?

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