Exclusive ‘The Americans’ Season 6 Gag Reel Laughs in the Face of Danger

     October 23, 2018

the-americans-season-6-gag-reel-sliceForget for a moment, if you can, all of heartbreak and trauma and sadness and horror of the final season of The Americans, and instead embrace this lovely gag reel. Yes I know it seem impossible, but when you see Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Noah Emmerich and the rest of the cast acting so sweet and goofy it will warm your heart, I swear.

The gag reel is really less about jokes or messing up lines and more about seeing the cast hanging out and being silly, which is actually pretty traumatic in and of itself when you realize it’s all over. Seriously, how can that be true?

The Americans won a few Emmys for its final season, including a Lead Actor nod for Rhys and the award for Outstanding Writing to creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg but … it deserved more. Lead Actress for Russel and Best Drama without question, but, alas! (You can read more of my ranting about that here if you so wish).

But anyway, we know what a treasure the show is, and the gag reel is just a reminder of what it joy it was watching these amazing actors do their thing. The final season of The Americans will be available to own on DVD October 23rd and include deleted scenes, gag reel, Inside Looks – First look, The New Agent, Double Agents, The Jennings, Hidden Messages, The 80’s, Favorite Scenes, Saying Goodbye. Check out the video below and feel its happiness:

Here’s the official synopsis of The Americans season 6:

It is 1987, and an imminent Gorbachev-Reagan nuclear arms summit promises to ease world tensions. But life for the Jennings family is more precarious than ever: Elizabeth’s (Emmy Award® nominee Keri Russell) RELENTLESS dedication as a KGB agent has dealt a potentially lethal blow to her marriage to Philip (Emmy Award® nominee Matthew Rhys), who has left espionage behind. As Philip’s friendship with FBI agent Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) grows, the danger of exposure of THE FAMILY “business,” which now includes Paige (Holly Taylor), reaches crisis level. With deft writing, impeccable performances and “deliciously suspenseful tension” (Matt Roush, TV Insider), the sixth and final season of The Americans delivers the most stunning revelations and betrayals in the acclaimed series’ history.

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