Exclusive Look at ‘The Art of Borderlands 3’ from Insight Editions

     September 16, 2019

The highly anticipated video game sequel Borderlands 3 is now finally available to play, and in concert with the Gearbox game’s release, we at Collider have an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of how the game was made. The Art of Borderlands 3 from Insight Editions was written by Chris Allcock and features hundreds of pieces of dynamic concept art that illustrates how the Borderlands team brought the game’s world, characters, and weapons to life, anchored by invaluable insight and further revelations via interviews with the artists and developers.

These exclusive excerpts show off some alternate character designs for Brick, Tina, and Troy along with the Crimson Raiders vessel Sanctuary III, giving an inside peek at the design process involved in creating the impressive world of Borderlands 3. Indeed, as the biggest game in Gearbox history, every aspect of this game posed a serious challenge.

Take a look at the Art of Borderlands 3 excerpts below and click to enlarge. To pre-order the book (which will be released on October 29th), click here.

the-art-of-borderlands-3-image-3 the-art-of-borderlands-3-image-2 the-art-of-borderlands-3-image-2 the-art-of-borderlands-3-cover

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