THE AVENGERS Visual Effects Supervisor Jeff White Talks Hulk CG and What They Might Be Able to Do in THE AVENGERS Sequel

     September 23, 2012


With Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers hitting Blu-ray and DVD this week (click here to buy in on Amazon), I recently got to visit ILM in San Francisco to talk with some of the visual effect supervisors.  While many movies have amazing effects, it’s only when you combine them with a great story and interesting characters that you get something special, like The Avengers.

During my interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Jeff White, we talked about how they brought this version of the Hulk to life, whether they spent any extra time on the Hulk/Loki or Hulk/Thor scenes, how much the project and effects changed during production, what Hulk effects they will be able to do in The Avengers sequel that they couldn’t accomplish in the first film, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Jeff White:

  • Was this a special movie to work on
  • What was one of the big secrets of bringing this version of the Hulk to life
  • Talks about animating the Hulk/Loki scene and the Hulk/Thor scene and if they spent any extra time on them
  • How much did the project and the effects change along the way
  • What is he getting ready to work on next
  • Is there anything he thinks they’ll be able to do with the Hulk in The Avengers sequel that they couldn’t do in the first film


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