Kevin Feige Talks About That Additional AVENGERS Scene, the Status of ANT-MAN, and Who Owns QUICKSILVER and THE SCARLET WITCH

     April 19, 2012


With less than a month before May 4 release date, the cast of The Avengers shot an additional scene last week.  That was probably never meant to be public information, but nobody other than Robert Downey Jr. has any control over what RDJ decides to announce at press conferences.  Marvel president Kevin Feige downplayed the importance of the additional shooting at the European premiere:

“I will tell you this: It was not a scene. It was not a scene. There’s little things. It’s been blown out of proportion. Which is fun, I like that things are blown out of proportion. Sometimes they’re true sometimes they’re not.” [Blogomatic 3000]

Okay, so it was not “a scene.”  But it was something that they couldn’t shoot with body doubles.  The myth of what happened that night is almost certainly better than the truth, so maybe it’s best we keep the mystery box shut.  As always, Feige is a wealth of information on all things Marvel, so hit the jump for his recent comments on the status of Ant-Man and who owns the rights to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

ant man movieHey U Guys caught up with the forthright executive at that European premiere, and asked about Ant-Man, which has been in development under the stewardship of Edgar Wright for several years now.  Feige responded:

“It’s as close as it’s ever been.  Edgar is getting excited to get behind the camera again and start some advanced prep work for Ant-Man… We are going to take some forward steps in a few months that will bring it closer than ever. In terms of release date, I don’t know.”

Later he refers to Ant-Man as The Edgar Wright Show, which is a) great news for the movie and, b) a late night show I would watch every night.  (I’ll start a petition after I post this article.)  Feige recently told us to “pay attention to [Wright’s] tweets in the coming months,” so either Ant-Man truly is finally coming together, or Feige is getting our hopes up way too high.

Among more Marvel minutia, Feige discussed the film rights for minor characters.  Fox owns the rights to X-Men, so it could use the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in an X-Men movie if they wanted.  But Marvel could use the same characters in an Avengers movie.  Feige says there are very few characters (mostly these two and the Skrulls) that fall into that gray area.

If you’re interested in that level of detail, you should definitely watch the full interview clip, and stay for bullet points of all our recent Avengers coverage below.

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