New Trailer for THE AVENGERS Coming in 3 Days

     February 26, 2012


Rumors had swirled that a new trailer for The Avengers was on its way, and today Marvel has confirmed via Facebook that we’ll get a new look at the super duper comic book movie in three days. I’m not entirely sure if they’re counting today in their three day countdown or not, but we can probably expect the trailer on Wednesday. Entertainment Tonight will be running a set report on Tuesday, which probably means they’ll also run a few seconds from the trailer complete with incredibly annoying voiceover and graphics. I really liked the film’s Super Bowl spot, but I’m also hoping to get a little bit more dialogue from this new trailer. I understand the action is what sells to the masses, but it’d be nice to get at least one trailer that focuses more on the plot and character moments we can expect from the film.

Hit the jump to watch a preview of ET’s set visit report, and be sure to check back here this week for the new trailer. The Avengers opens in 3D on May 4th.


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