Marvel and ABC Pursuing a Drama Series Set in THE AVENGERS Universe

     July 29, 2012

the avengers tv series

The Avengers is a bigger hit than Marvel even dared to dream.  Of course they are planning a sequel along with the many standalone superhero movies, but the studio has to ask what else they can do with the property beyond the silver screen.  It would be difficult to recreate the wonder of The Avengers on a television budget, but that doesn’t preclude Marvel from pursuing other stories in that setting.  Deadline reports that Marvel’s Television has started a dialogue with ABC and ABC Studios about making a live-action drama series set in the Avengers universe.  The project is in a very early stage of development and understandably may not include any of the superheroes.  Marvel is reportedly exploring several possible scenarios, including a high-concept cop show.

Marvel TV is also developing a Hulk series which could premiere on ABC as early as next season.  The animation division is very busy, juggling series based on The Avengers, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and X-Men.  Hit the jump for ideas about what the series could be.

code blue marvel

The first thing that came to mind when I heard “high-concept cop show” was Gotham Central, DC Comics’ series that focuses on the Gotham City Police Department and the difficulties in maintaining law and order in Batman’s home town.  Based on this forum, Marvel has a few comparable titles:

  • District X – A police procedural about the investigation of crimes committed by and against the mutant residents of the ghetto District X.
  • The Pulse – Centers on the people who work on “The Pulse,” a weekly section in the Daily Bugle newspaper that focuses on superheroes.
  • Code: Blue – Code: Blue is a New York City police SWAT team that is specially trained and equipped to deal with super-powered criminals.

Marvel could also make the S.H.I.E.L.D. series that Clark Gregg longs for.  All of these sound like interesting possibilities, but everything depends on what ABC Studios can realistically produce on a weekly basis.

Although it is set in a different universe, it’s worth noting that FX is developing a series adaptation of the Marvel comic Powers, which follows two homicide detectives who investigate cases that involve the superpowered.  However, FX is deciding whether they should reshoot the pilot or pass on the project, so Powers may never see the light of day.  Regardless, Marvel has enough irons in the fire that you’ll see something live-action from the comic book empire on your television in the near future.

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