Joel Schumacher Recounts THE BARRY WHITE STORY

     September 14, 2010


Joel Schumacher has had a rough go of it lately.  His most recent film, Twelve, seems unlikely to crack either $1 million at the box office (currently $183,000 domestic after a couple hundred theaters abandoned it this week), or double digits at Rotten Tomatoes (a single positive review for 4%; yikes).  Of course, nothing soothes the soul like the sultry sounds of Mr. Barry White.

According to Pajiba, Schumacher has The Barry White Story lined up as his next project — but it’s not a biopic.  Instead, it’s about (get this) “the ghost of Barry White teaching some loser kid how to channel him to get a girl.”  That actually sounds like one of those ideas that’s so crazy that it plays on screen.  I don’t know that Schumacher is the man for the job, but I can’t imagine Story will be completely devoid of entertainment value.  In some form.  Let’s see if it ever gets past the idea stage.

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