‘The Batman’: Jeffrey Wright to Play Commissioner Gordon Across from Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight

     September 23, 2019

westworld-jeffrey-wright-bernard-sliceWith Robert Pattinson officially signed on to wear the cape and cowl in The Batman, director Matt Reeves next needed to line up the face at the other end of the Bat-signal. THR reports that none other than Jeffrey Wright is being eyed to play Commissioner Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne’s longtime confidante inside the Gotham City Police Department. The Westworld star would be taking over a role previously played by the likes of Gary Oldman, J.K. Simmons, and—in the FOX prequel series GothamBen McKenzie.

Not a whole lot of information is out there about the plot of The Batman, although word on the street since the project’s early days has suggested a grounded, street-level mystery story about a young caped crusader. The THR report notes that casting is in the “early stages for a who’s who of Batman’s rogue gallery,” but don’t count on Joaquin Phoenix‘s Joker being among them. So who will Pattinson’s Batman be battling? A few months ago, it was revealed that longtime Bat-rogues Catwoman and The Penguin featured heavily in Reeves’ script, with The Riddler also popping up in the “rumored” department. [UPDATE: Not such a rumor after all! Jonah Hill is in talks to play The Riddler, Collider exclusively learned.]

This is a pretty huge time for Wright, comic book-wise. Earlier this year, it was revealed that the actor would voice Uatu the Watcher in Marvel’s animated What If? for Disney+, an adaptation of the long-running alternate-universe series from Marvel Comics. The Emmy-winner will also reprise his robotic role of Bernard Lowe in Westworld when the HBO sci-fi drama returns in 2020.

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