Who Should Direct ‘The Batman’? Vote in Our Poll

     January 31, 2017


Batman is now available to be reinvented by a brand new director. Word broke last night that Ben Affleck has decided not to direct the standalone film The Batman, and will instead only produce and star in the upcoming DCEU feature. It was a somewhat surprising development, although it did feel like Affleck had been a little pressured to helm the movie in the first place. He spent the last two years hemming and hawing, saying the plan is for him to direct the film, and that he wouldn’t make the film unless the script was great. The script is, reportedly, not great, and so Warner Bros. is on the hunt for a new filmmaker to come in and spruce this thing up.

Given that Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, and arguably the most successful onscreen superhero ever, there’s ample opportunity here for an exciting director to come in and not only revitalize the property, but give the DCEU a much-needed popularity boost. But who should take the helm? A veteran filmmaker whose proven his or her worth in the action realm? An up-and-coming indie director with ambition to spare? We’ve assembled a list of what we see as possible candidates, so peruse our list below and then vote in our poll at the very bottom with who you think should be directing.

But first, a practicality note. Even though Affleck has left the director’s chair, The Batman is still a priority property for Warner Bros. So while they will no doubt take their timing in getting the script right, WB still has shareholders to consider, and The Batman will be getting off the ground sooner rather than later. So with that being said, a filmmaker who’s just gearing up to start production on another feature, with another year or year and a half of post-production to go, is not likely to make the cut. WB would ideally like to start filming this year, so whoever takes the helm needs to be free within the next couple of months to start prep work.

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