THE BEAVER Set for a Limited March 23, 2011 Release; Opens Wide April 8

     December 15, 2010

Does anyone really hate Mel Gibson? I know I sure don’t. Regardless of what he’s done, he’s still a damn fine actor. Perhaps that’s why the first trailer to Jodie Foster’s The Beaver looks so intriguing, what with Gibson’s depressed character utilizing a beaver puppet to combat his gloomy depression – maybe the Oscar-winning actor just needed a little love. Or maybe he truly is bat-shit crazy. Regardless, Summit has seen fit to release The Beaver this upcoming March, solidifying a previous rumor that mentioned spring as a likely candidate for the film.

According to the 24 Frames, The Beaver will open in select cities on March 23, 2011 before opening up to a wider audience on April 8th, suggesting a certain amount of trepidation on the studio’s behalf. Or maybe they just want to build some in-house buzz before unleashing such a risky venture on a mainstream audience. Either way, The Beaver is coming!  Hit the jump to read the synopsis.

Two-time Academy Award® winner Jodie Foster directs and co-stars with two-time Academy Award® winner Mel Gibson in THE BEAVER – an emotional story about a man on a journey to re-discover his family and re-start his life.

Plagued by his own demons, Walter Black was once a successful toy executive and family man who now suffers from depression.  No matter what he tries, Walter can’t seem to get himself back on track…until a beaver hand puppet enters his life.

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