Doug Benson’s THE BENSON INTERRUPTION Premieres on Comedy Central November 5th

     November 3, 2010


You may have seen comedian Doug Benson on one of his stand-up specials on Comedy Central or in his Super Size Me inspired documentary Super High Me which replaces McDonald’s food with marijuana. Whether you’re a fan of his work, or you’ve never heard of the comedian before, it’s a pretty damn good idea to tune into Benson’s new stand-up show The Benson Interruption when it premieres on November 5th at Midnight on Comedy Central. Technically that’s actually November 6th, but since that’s also 11pm Central Time, we’ll just let it slide.

The show features several stand-up comedians running through a normal set of jokes, but host Doug Benson pretty much just interrupts them whenever he wants to with questions, thoughts, strange tangents and whatever the weed he smoked five minutes before the show makes him think off the top of his head. The first episodes will feature the talents of Nick Swardson, Nick Kroll and Chris Hardwick. While you might think Benson simply destroys any flow or comedic potential of the stand-up act, I’ve had the great opportunity to see Benson do this show live at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in Los Angeles, and the outcome is rather hilarious and makes for some hilarious banter between the comedians. Make sure you check it out this Friday!