Comic-Con 2011: THE BIG BANG THEORY Panel Recap; Bloopers, Impressions and a Resolution to Last Season’s Cliffhanger

     July 23, 2011


The cast and creators of TV’s “smartest, funniest and now Emmy-nominated” The Big Bang Theory dropped in on Comic-Con today to talk about the upcoming 5th season of the popular series. Executive producers Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and Steve Molaro joined principal cast Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch on stage. In a nice touch for fans of the show, Carol Ann Susi provided the disembodied voice of Mrs. Wolowitz to introduce the panel. Hit the jump for more behind-the-scenes shenanigans and sneak peeks of the upcoming season.

After playing a short blooper reel from the previous season, creator Chuck Lorre took the stage to talk about The Big Bang Theory, which in his words is “not a show about nerds, but a show about extraordinary people.” Those extraordinary people sat along the panel with Lorre and reminisced about their auditions for the show and experiences playing the iconic characters. Jim Parsons, who plays theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper said that for his audition he remembers being really enthusiastic about the role and just wanting to say Sheldon’s lines of dialogue. When asked how he’s been able to make a lovable character out of Sheldon, who appears to lack empathy, Parsons replied that Sheldon “doesn’t lack emotion, he just has a unique way of dealing.” He also commented that the most difficult part of portraying Sheldon’s character is that he “still doesn’t know exactly what he’s saying, but Mayim (Bialik) helps [him] out with that.”the-big-bang-theory-poster

Character development aside, the panel also addressed the issue of a certain cliffhanger at the end of the last season. Without giving anything away, Lorre and Prady came up with a perfect non-committal response:

“There will be a resolution and whichever side you came down on what happened, you’ll be happy with how it works out.”

How’s that for vague? Plot spoilers aside, the chemistry amongst cast members was clearly on display during the panel. Helberg and Rauch participated in a face-off of Mrs. Wolowitz impressions, with Rauch clearly winning with this line:

“What is this Comic-Con you’re at? Is it some kind of sex convention I saw on 20/20?”

Parsons also provided one fan with an iteration of his catchphrase, “Bazinga!” to the crowd’s delight. Another fan asked if we would be seeing Sheldon’s “Pon farr” in any future episodes (go ahead and look it up here, I know I had to). Lorre responded:

“Sheldon is singularly devoted to science but time will tell…if he’s actually Vulcan.”

Fans of the show can buy the fourth season on Blu-ray and DVD starting on September 13th. Though the series will start into syndication on September 19th, the new season of The Big Bang Theory premieres on September 22nd.

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