THE BIG LEBOWSKI Pinball Machine Available for Pre-Order; Check Out Images and Video

     October 2, 2014


Dutch Pinball has been developing a Big Lebowski pinball machine for awhile now, and they unveiled the results in a launch party earlier this week.  There is a fine attention to detail in the design of the machine.  The pop bumpers are modeled after the bra Julianne Moore wears in the fantasy sequence.  There is a very realistic White Russian off to the side.  The rolled up rug is a barrier—as you hit it, the rug starts to unroll and unlock six different “rug modes.”

Hit the jump for images and video of the gameplay.

Dutch Pinball released a few official images, starting with a full view of the machine:



Here’s a look at the feature artwork with Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, Sam Elliott, and John Turturro.



This White Russian is actually painted on, but rendered to look 3D to the player.  A very cool detail.



The Big Lebowski naturally encourages a bowling motif for the pinball game.


Here is an additional picture from Pinball News [via Polygon] with a full view of the playfield, plus video of gameplay from the launch party:



The Big Lebowski pinball machine is now available for pre-order at the official site for $8500.

The Big Lebowski Pinball

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