Watch: ‘The Blacklist Recap Show’ Gets Ready for Season 3

     September 25, 2015


In the first-ever episode of Collider Video’s ‘The Blacklist Recap Show’, John Campea, Kat Endsley, Xavier Brinkman, and Wendy Lee discuss the hit NBC series, The Blacklist. Starring James Spader as infamous criminal mastermind Raymond “Red” Reddington and Megan Boone as super-agent Elizabeth Keen, the new season of The Blacklist will follow their flight from authorities after the shocking conclusions of the Season 2 finale.

With The Blacklist ready to return for Season 3 on NBC Thursday, October 1st, the Collider Video team is here to get viewers caught up with the show so far. They’ll be back each and every week to recap new episodes, respond to the craziness that’s sure to occur, and maybe even field a question or two from The Blacklist fans out there.

Watch the pre-season episode of ‘The Blacklist Recap Show’ below:

Here’s the show’s rundown for their take on NBC’s The Blacklist:

James Spader (Age of Ultron) stars in NBC’s The Blacklist as Raymond Reddington, a criminal on FBI’s most wanted list. Upon surrendering himself to the FBI, he makes a deal – he’ll give FBI a list of the world’s most dangerous criminals. But there’s a catch… He’ll only speak to Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). Agent Keen partners with Reddington to bring down one dangerous criminal after another, while trying to figure out why Reddington will only work with her.


In season 2, Elizabeth uncovers that her mother was a famous agent of the Russian intelligence agency KGB, and in handing The Director the Fulcrum has marked her an enemy of The Cabal. Refusing Reddington’s advice to run, Elizabeth continues with her task of stopping assassin Karakurt from infecting Senator Hawkins.


The season 2 finale ends with Elizabeth on the run. Framed by The Cabal, she infected Senator Hawkins with a deadly virus – ultimately leading to his death. Coming face-to-face with Cabal member Tom Connolly, Elizabeth confronts him, telling him to make all of it go away. Connolly refuses and threatens not only Elizabeth but her entire task team, leading to her to pull the trigger and kill him. This puts Elizabeth on FBI’s most wanted list, her own FBI teammates are looking to hunt her down and she must team up with Reddington and get out of DC.


The new season of The Blacklist returns October 1st, and it debuts a new blonde hairdo for Elizabeth.