THE BOONDOCK SAINTS TV Show in the Works with Troy Duffy Directing the First Episode

     June 9, 2015


It’s been over five years since The Bookdock Saints II: All Saints Day hit theaters, but writer-director Troy Duffy has been pushing to continue the series ever since and now it looks as though he might finally get his chance. There’s been no word on the third film, The Boondock Saints 3: Legion, since Duffy participated in a Facebook Q&A back in December, but that might not matter anymore because Deadline is reporting that IM Global Television just scored the rights to turn The Boondock Saints into a TV show.


Image via The Movie Database

In case you missed the cult classic or its underwhelming sequel, the film features Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus as Connor and Murphy MacManus, fraternal twins who become vigilantes and set out to take down some of Boston’s nastiest criminals. Reedus and Flanery are both in early talks to join the Boondock Saints TV show as co-executive producers, but Duffy is already locked and ready to go as the writer and director of the first episode. Apparently Duffy also penned a bible for the series, which is said to be a prequel to the films.

Here’s what Duffy had to say about taking the MacManus brothers to the small screen:

“For years I’ve been obsessed with telling a real origin story with Boondock, and IM Global TV has stepped up. Television is the perfect medium to explore these controversial characters on a much deeper level and to bring Boondock Saints to a whole new audience.”

I’ve had some fun with the original film over the years, but All Saints Day definitely didn’t leave me thinking that this is a franchise worth continuing. However, the idea of exploring the characters further in a TV prequel does pique my interest.

What do you think? Does a Boondock Saints TV show have more appeal than a third feature film?