THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT Reboot in the Works; Original Co-Writer/Director Eric Bress to Script the Time Travel Remake

     July 25, 2013

the butteryfly effect

After six years on That ’70s Show, Ashton Kutcher made a big push for dramatic work with The Butterfly Effect.  Kutcher played a troubled soul who, by reading pages from his adolescent journal, could travel back in time and change his past.  But as the tagline warns, “Change One Thing, Change Everything.”  It was a solid hit, grossing nearly $100 million worldwide, and did well enough on home video to motivate two direct-to-DVD sequels.  The Butterfly Effect caught on with an audience (7.7 on IMDB) that liked it much more than the critics did (33% on Rotten Tomatoes).

We are coming up on the 10-year anniversary of the 2004 release.  You know what that means: Time for a reboot!  FilmEngine and Benderspink are developing a Butterfly Effect remake.  More after the jump.

Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber wrote the original script and made The Butterfly Effect their only feature directing credit to date.  No word on Gruber, but Variety reports Bress is on board to script the reboot.  There is no director attached.  Since the studios were comfortable hiring Bress as a writer, he must be under consideration to direct, right?

A.J. Dix, Anthony Rhulen, Chris Bender, and JC Spink will return as producers along with Navid McIllhargey.

Here’s the original trailer:


This isn’t necessarily a recommendation, but Teenage Brendan watched The Butterfly Effect several times and loved the crazy dark audacity of the director’s cut alternate ending.  What journal entry gets me to the alternate universe where that is the official ending?  Maybe it finds a way into the final cut this time around.  Watch that ending here (spoilers in the multiverse):

the butterfly effect poster

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