THE CAKE EATERS – 2 Movie Clips and the Trailer

     March 6, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

According to IMDB, “The Cake Eaters” was made back in 2007. This was before Kristen Stewart stared in “Into the Wild”, and way before “Twilight”. When a movie doesn’t get released for years…it’s usually a sign something is wrong. That, or the company that made the film can’t figure out how to market it.

But with the ridiculous success of “Twilight”, 7-57 Releasing has cracked the code….just tell people Kristen Stewart is in it. With the rapid fanbase of “Twilight”, they assume it’ll get seen. Of course, with the film only opening in Los Angeles and New York next week, it’s going to be a small audience. But it’s better than nothing.

Also, with DVD being such an important part of every films bottom line, “The Cake Eaters” will eventually be watched by many of her fans.

For those that haven’t heard of the film, here’s the synopsis:

The Cake Eaters is a quirky, small town, ensemble drama that explores the lives of two interconnected families coming to terms with love in the face of loss.

Living in rural America, The Kimbrough family is a normally odd bunch; Easy, the patriarch, owns a butcher shop and finds himself grieving over the loss of his wife, Ceci, while hiding a secret ongoing relationship for years; Beagle, his youngest son who was left to care for his ailing mother, works in the local high school cafeteria by day but has a burning passion inside that manifests itself through painting; and the eldest son, Guy, has been away from the family for years while pursuing his musical aspirations in the big city until the day he learns of his mother’s passing and that he’s missed the funeral.

Upon Guy’s return home, the complex nature of each character unravels; Beagle’s pent up emotions connect with Georgia Kaminski, a terminally ill teenage girl wanting to experience love before it’s too late; Easy’s long time affair with Marg, Georgia’s eccentric grandmother, is exposed to the Kimbrough family; and Guy discovers that, in his absence, his high school sweetheart, Stephanie, has moved on and started a family of her own.

Through it all, The Kimbroughs and Kaminski’s manage to establish a new beginning in the face of their greatest fears; life, death and family…

And with that…here is the trailer and two clips from the film. Take a look.

The Cake Eaters Trailer

Clip 1 – Beagle and Georgia in bedroom

Clip 2 – Easy and Marg in Kitchen

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