‘The Cloverfield Paradox’: New Trailer Teases the Surprise Netflix Movie’s Twists and Turns

     February 9, 2018


Netflix has released a new trailer for The Cloverfield Paradox—nearly a week after the film was made available to stream. To be fair they only had the opportunity to market this thing hours before it was made available to stream, as the movie’s release was part of a surprise strategy in keeping with the Cloverfield franchise thus far. The first movie revealed a trailer before anyone even knew the movie existed, and 10 Cloverfield Lane’s existence was only revealed a couple months before it hit theaters.

Directed by Julius Onah, The Cloverfield Paradox takes place a few years in the future where Earth is ravaged by power shortages, which are quickly leading to war between nations. The only potential solution is a space station in Earth’s orbit, where a group of astronauts from various nations are testing a device that could create unlimited energy. But when they turn it on, Earth seemingly disappears and weird things begin happening in an escalating manner.

Of course this wasn’t always a Cloverfield movie. Producer J.J. Abrams recently revealed that the film, which was originally called God Particle, didn’t start being changed to fit into the Cloververse until the middle of production, and even the actors didn’t know exactly what they were making until they saw the finished product. And, in contrast to 10 Cloverfield Lane whose evolution was pretty seamless, it really shows in Cloverfield Paradox. There’s no internal logic to anything that happens, and the editing is incredibly choppy.

That said, the performances are solid and the central idea is still intriguing. It’s not a complete garbage fire, and it’s interesting enough, but one imagines with more finessing it could’ve been a better movie. If you’re still unconvinced, check out the new trailer below and/or read Matt’s review right here. The Cloverfield Paradox stars Gugu Mbatha-RawDavid Oyelowo, Elizabeth DebickiDaniel Bruhl, Zhang Ziyi, and Chris O’Dowd and is available to stream on Netflix right now.

And here’s a bonus clip:


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