‘The Collider TV Podcast’: Ep. 4 – Broadcast Pilot Kickoff; How Much Do TV Ratings Mean?

     September 25, 2015


This week on the podcast, I start things off with a little Emmy post-mort grumbling (here’s Adam’s great article about Game of Thrones vs Mad Men that I reference) before getting into broadcast pilot season chatter: what the ratings mean (or don’t mean), as well as how Netflix uses their data to keep playing the ratings game to their advantage. I then wrap things up with a broadcast pilot cheat sheet from this first week of premieres. And, you can find the full reviews of almost all of the shows mentioned here.

Intro — 0:00

Emmy Awards post-mortem — 1:32

  • Surprises, disappointments, and why HBO dominates.

Broadcast pilot season — 8:33

  • How successful the networks have been
  • How ratings work, and what they mean for new shows
  • The shifting paradigm for ratings and show cancellations
  • What it means that Netflix can now pinpoint when a show has you hooked

Broadcast pilot cheat sheet: Week 1 and Outro — 24:36

  • A short rundown of what to watch and what to skip from the week that was.


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