WonderCon: Director James Wan Talks THE CONJURING, the Test Screening Process, His Fascination with ‘True’ Supernatural Tales, and more

     March 31, 2013


James Wan, the talented filmmaker behind Saw and Insidious, was on hand this at WonderCon (ComicCon’s little brother) this weekend to promote his newest horror/ghost-story The Conjuring.  Much like Insidious, the film focuses on the haunting of a family and the paranormal investigators tasked with ending such woes.  However unlike Insidious, The Conjuring purports to be a true story.  There really was a Perron family – and they (per Andrea Perron’s book and recollections) really were haunted by the supernatural for close to nearly a decade.  The validity of such claims seems like a moot point – as based on the quick teaser and footage shown, the film seems terrifying enough on its own be it fictional or not.

In the following video interview with Wan, he discloses his fascination with ‘true’ supernatural tales, the testing process on The Conjuring and when the next trailer for the film is set to premiere.  Hit the jump to watch.

The Conjuring opens July 19th.  Click here for all our WonderCon coverage.



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