THE COUNTERFEITERS – Exclusive Video Interviews

     February 22, 2008

A movie that opened today, in very limited release, is “The Counterfeiters.” The film is up for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year at this weekend’s Oscar’s, and it’s based on the true story of Salomon “Sally” Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics).

Sally was a member of the criminal underground, who, upon being sent to a German concentration camp in World War 2, agreed to help the Nazis in an organized counterfeit operation nicknamed “Operation Bernhard” that was set up to finance the war effort against the Allies.

The Nazi plan was to counterfeit both the British Pound and the United States dollar, and use the fake currency to bring down both economies. What’s shocking about the story is… it’s true. The concentration camp counterfeit team was quickly able to create a fake British Pound, and it’s only due to certain members of the team sabotaging the operation that a fake dollar never really came into play. They were forced to finally create it, but only when the war was just about over. It’s a fascinating story, and one that shows a different side of what was going on during the war.

So to help promote the film, I was provided with 7 movie clips that I just posted, and I was also able to interview writer/director Stefan Ruzowitzky and star Stefan Ruzowitzky (he play’s Sally). Both interviews came out great, and they each had a lot to say.

And one last thing. Both of them live in Vienna and I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited the city. It’s one of the best cities I’ve been to and both interviews start off talking about it… perhaps that was a bit self indulgent, but if you’ve ever been you’d understand….

Stefan Ruzowitzky

  • Vienna talk – he lives there and I think it’s one of the best cities I’ve ever been to

  • How he came to the project and why it was important to him to tell the story

  • How was it on the set, especially dealing with the material

  • Since it was based on a true story, how did he decide what to make up and what to use from actual history

  • Academy Award talk

  • Is he a storyboard director or does he do it on the fly

  • What does he have coming up – it’s a kid’s movie

Karl Markovics actor

  • Vienna talk

  • What did he know about the story prior to getting involved

  • What was it like to research this character and how hard was it to play him

  • What was it like on set while filming

  • What does he have coming up

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