‘The Crow’ Reboot Alive Again at Sony Pictures

     September 1, 2017


The idea of The Crow reboot maybe possibly happening will outlive us all. While the development process on a new iteration of the James O’Barr graphic novel has been slow and hilariously stop-and-go over the past few years, it appears the project has now found a new home after falling prey to Relativity Media’s decline. The Tracking Board reports that Sony Pictures has now nabbed the rights to The Crow Reborn and intends to launch a new franchise for the studio.

It’s currently unclear if director Corin Hardy and star Jason Momoa are still attached, but THR says that while the two aren’t formally signed on to Sony’s iteration of the project, the plan includes them staying on. Hardy was next in a very, very long line of directors who have come and gone from the project during its near-decade of development, including Stephen Norrington, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and Javier F. Gutierrez. The list of actors attached to play the lead role is even longer, with folks like Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston, and Luke Evans having come and gone over the years.


Image via Annapurna Pictures

Hardy signed on to direct based on the strength of his short films and his 2015 feature The Hallow, as well as a good word from friend Edgar Wright. He’s currently shooting the Conjuring spinoff The Nun for New Line, so he’ll have a big film under his belt by the time The Crow reboot moves into production assuming Sony keeps him onboard (and, again, assuming the movie actually, truly happens this time).

The Crow Reborn is intended to be a more faithful adaptation of the graphic novel than Alex Proyas’ original feature film adaptation, and it’ll be interesting to see what Sony does with it. The studio has a lack of bankable franchises, and while Spider-Man: Homecoming successfully relaunched Spider-Man and they’re developing their own Spider-Man universe of films like Venom and Silver & Black, Sony suffered a false start with last month’s The Dark Tower, which doesn’t appear to be getting any kind of sequel. Successfully getting The Crow off the ground with a popular actor like Momoa in the lead would definitely be a coup.

But as anyone who’s followed this project’s ups and downs known, it’s probably safe to assume The Crow reboot is dead until we’re actually sitting in a movie theater watching the finished thing with our own eyes.


Image via Caliber Press

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