THE CROW Remake: Andrea Riseborough May Play Villain Top Dollar

     May 21, 2015


I didn’t really have much interest in a remake of The Crow to begin with, and watching so many directors and actors join and leave the project certainly didn’t help. However, Luke Evans was attached to star for so long that it was hard not to warm up to the idea of him playing Eric Draven. But, of course, then he dropped out in January and we got Jack Huston instead. I’m sure he scored the role for a reason, but as someone who didn’t watch him in Boardwalk Empire or pay much attention to his big screen work, he certainly doesn’t spark the hype that Evans, Alexander Skarsgard, Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy, etc. did. But, a new casting report just surfaced for a different role and it’s actually got me interested in the project again.


Image via Universal

According to Deadline, Andrea Riseborough is currently in negotiations to play the villain in the film. Apparently director Corin Hardy wants an actress to take on the role Michael Wincott played in the 1994 film, crime boss Top Dollar. It’s impossible to assess whether or not Hardy’s take on the material is fresh and necessary, but Riseborough’s casting certainly suggests that he’s at least trying to do something a little different. Plus, it’s about time Riseborough get the opportunity to go big with a substantial role in a high-profile project like this. She delivered solid, memorable work in Birdman and Disconnect, but I absolutely cannot wait to see her deliver that crazy Devil’s Night speech.

The Crow is expected to go into production after Huston wraps Ben-Hur, but I’m still hesitant to assume it’s a sure thing. However, now that Riseborough might wind up playing Top Dollar, I’m rooting for it to happen again.

What do you think? Will Riseborough make a good Top Dollar?


Image via The Movie Database

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