‘The Crow’ Remake “Is Happening,” Says Director Corin Hardy

     November 4, 2015


Much like the character, The Crow remake has had a dark and tortured journey. Going back to 2013, the likes of James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston, and Alexander Skarsgard were rumored to be up for the leading role. By mid-year, Luke Evans of Fast and Furious 6 was the pick, but he eventually dropped out by January. That left room for Boardwalk Empire’s Jack Huston to step up to the plate, only to be lost around the time Relativity Media filed for bankruptcy. However, director Corin Hardy is determined to get this made.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the filmmaker said:


Image via Miramax

The Crow is happening. I’m going to make it! We were making it, and it was going very well, until this Relativity situation occurred. But it’s something that I’m very excited about, very passionate about. We’re all waiting to resume preproduction. Ed Pressman is the producer. Creatively, everyone’s excited. Relativity is sorting itself out — which I can’t speak about. But you can read about it online.

Even when it comes to the departure of his actors, Hardy is a “glass half-full” kind of guy. He confirmed Huston dropped out as a result of “timing” and the delayed production. He said:

It’s another fresh start! Basically, keep watching, and early next year we’ll be cracking on again.

Comic creator James O’Barr is another positive thinker who said earlier this year that the remake is “still very much a live priority.” He also claimed that since Pressman Films owns the film and TV rights to The Crow, they will likely take it to another studio if Relativity “can’t get backing again.” Stay tuned.

Brandon Lee starred as The Crow in the original film from 1994. In it, musician Eric Draven and his fiancé are murdered by members of a city gang the night before their wedding. Eric then rises from the grave as the gothic Crow on the night of the anniversary of their deaths. The supernatural avenger sets out on a mission to slaughter those responsible, including the head of the gang, played by Michael Wincott.


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