THE CROW Remake Aims to Start Shooting Next Year, Luke Evans Still Attached

     October 24, 2014


This remake refuses to really go away.  I really liked Alex Proyas‘ take on The Crow back when it came out in 1994, but the film and the accompanying material are just so much of that time that it’s difficult to see how it would work as well today.  I think back to that movie and I think of Nine Inch Nails, Thrill Kill Kult, the death of Brandon Lee and the catchphrase, “it can’t rain all the time.”  I don’t think back to the film’s quality, which was patchwork at best (Proyas would do better work later on).

Maybe that’s where this remake could make some improvements.  If they could find another, more relevant, cultural signpost than mainstream 90’s goth and make a more consistent film, then it might be worth it.  Producer Ed Pressman is certainly trying to make it happen.  Hit the jump for more on The Crow remake.

dracula-untold-luke-evans-1Pressman told THR that he was aiming for a production start next year and that he planned to introduce The Crow to a whole new generation of fans that are currently unaware that the IP even exists.  He remarked that casting wasn’t confirmed, but BD has discovered that Luke Evans is indeed still attached to play the role per AFM materials (he’s been attached for some time in fact).  There’s no word on if F. Javier Gutierrez is still in the director’s chair so we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Do you guys want to see a remake of The Crow?  Do you think it could sufficiently distance itself from the original stylistically to be relevant again?  Or is this a case of a known IP winning out in the short term only to be sunk by prevailing cultural forces?  Or can we convince millennials to embrace it?  After all, Hot Topic is still in business.


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