The CW 2015-16 Schedule: Watch Trailers for CONTAINMENT and CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND

     May 14, 2015


The upfronts have ceased! They are no more! This morning, The CW finished up the annual ballyhoo and announced their three premiering series for the 2015-2016 fall season, including the highly anticipated Legends of Tomorrow, continuing the channel’s newfound reputation as the home for DC Comics characters; you can find the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow and Allison’s write-up here. As much as a certain contingency of the television-viewing public would wish it so, however, television cannot only be about costumed white dudes saving the world. So, in addition to Legends of Tomorrow, The CW has also dropped the trailers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a new comedy series, and Containment, a new thriller-drama centered on the international outbreak of an unknown contagion. It’s probably too much to ask that it’s exactly like Steven Soderbergh‘s Contagion though, right? Gadnabbit.

It’s interesting to note that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a similarly ambitious, bold tone to its comedy, at least from the look of the trailer. The first name that popped into my head, in fact, was Tina Fey and Rachel Bloom, who stars and produces the show, has proven to have a similarly imaginative sense of humor from her work on Robot Chicken. Sadly, Containment looks far less fun and relatively straight-forward in terms of style and subject matter, though, again, it’s just the trailer. We’ll know more about both trailers when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premieres this fall alongside Jane the Virgin, and when Legends of Tomorrow and Containment make their mid-season debuts on The CW.

Take a look at the full CW schedule for this fall here.