The Dominators Take Center Stage in New CW Superhero Crossover Trailer

     November 15, 2016


The CW isn’t screwing around when it comes to bringing the visually striking extra-terrestrials known as The Dominators to the small screen. Making these yellow-skinned, bullseye-headed aliens the main villains of a four-episode crossover special was a bit of a gamble, but since the shows have found success with bigger-than-life characters like King Shark on The Flash and the more-recent Parasite on Supergirl, The Dominators aren’t all that far-fetched. And as revealed in a new trailer for the special, their designs are actually quite good in that they’re decidedly creepy, pay homage to the original comic book characters, and fit within the DC TV universe. Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow get in on the fun as well when the event kicks off Monday, November 28th.

The crossover has been building buzz for a while now, even bringing back some viewers who have long since abandoned watching any of the series or uniting those who choose to watch one show but not all of them. Just this brief look at the array of DC Comics superheroes teaming up to take on an alien menace should be enough to get you excited, but if you need more, there are also additional teases scattered throughout. Front and center in the WTF category is the appearance of Deathstroke; do we think this is a flashback, a nightmare sequence, or something related to the aliens’ mind-controlling abilities? My money is on the latter, but we’ll have to tune in to find out!

Check out the crossover special trailer below, followed by a bonus sneak peek at tonight’s episode of The Flash and some images that reveal surprise appearances, team-ups, and new costumes for the four-part event!