The CW Will Expand to 6 Nights of Original Series This Fall

     February 14, 2018


The CW has never had the ratings numbers of its broadcast brethren ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox, but what it does have is loyalty. While the ratings for those other broadcasters have seen some major dips this season, the CW has held on steady. The network’s desire to really forge ahead with genre programming (that creates and engages with fandoms) has been a smart move, and something it looks like will continue throughout 2018.

As was announced today, The CW is planning on going full steam ahead in 2018 as it expands its original programming from 10 hours to 12 this fall, along with a bigger pilot slate. CW President Mark Pedowitz said of the expansion, which will include Sundays,


Image via The CW

“By expanding to six nights, The CW is now able to give our fans even more of the series they’re so passionate about. Broadcasting remains the foundation of our multi-platform approach to bringing our programming to viewers. Over the past seven years, The CW has added more than 80 hours of original scripted programming to its schedule – now that number can continue to climb, as we grow our broadcast line-up, and continue to add content on every platform. I’d like to thank Chris [Brooks, The CW’s Executive Vice President, Network Distribution] and Ann [Miyagi, Senior Vice President and General Counsel] for being instrumental in making this happen, and to thank all of our station groups for being such terrific partners as we add Sundays to our primetime schedule this fall on all our affiliates across the country.”

The natural next question, though, besides “where am I going to find room on my DV-R?” is which shows will be moved to Sundays. It’ll like be veteran series that already have a dedicated fanbase, like Supernatural and Arrow (currently on Thursdays), or the team-up of Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s unlikely that the heavier ratings hitters like Flash would move very far, but I live to be surprised!

Let us know what you think of the expansion in the comments, and what shows you might even prefer to air on Sundays rather than their current CW time slot.