John Oliver Set to Take Over THE DAILY SHOW June 10th; Jon Stewart Will Return September 3rd

     May 1, 2013


Comedy Central has announced the transition dates for The Daily Show while host Jon Stewart goes off to make his directorial debut.  We learned a couple of months ago that Stewart would be taking a break from the comedy news show this summer to direct the feature film Rosewater, which tells the true story of a BBC journalist’s 118 captivity in Iran’s most notorious prison.  At the time it was announced that frequent correspondent John Oliver would be filling in for Stewart during his absence, and now the network has announced that Oliver’s hosting duties will begin on June 10th with guest Seth Rogen.  Stewart won’t return to the show until September 3rd, making for quite the extended hiatus.

While there’s simply no substitute for Stewart’s whipsmart sense of humor, Oliver should do fine in the Daily Show chair.  The comedian recently filed a brilliant three-part series on gun control that aired last week, and I’m interested to see what The Daily Show looks like in his hands.