Has the DARK KNIGHT Trilogy Blu-ray Set Been Revealed?

     June 26, 2013

When Christopher Nolan’s closing chapter in his Dark Knight saga The Dark Knight Rises was announced for Blu-ray release last year, fans of Nolan’s trilogy understood that a collector’s trilogy set would eventually come to home video.  It was subsequently confirmed that Warner Bros. would indeed be releasing the full Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray set in the third quarter of 2013, and now a possible first look at the set may have landed online.  If this is indeed the Blu-ray collection we’ve all been waiting for, it certainly looks like it’ll be well worth purchasing.  Hit the jump for some images.

The bonus content of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition is unknown at this time, but we can see from this packaging that the set may include miniature versions of the three hallmark vehicles from each film, gorgeous villain-centric packaging, booklets, and nine discs worth of feature film content.  The images were found on a Polish website and have yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros. Home Video, but if this is some hoax it’s a damn good one.

Courtesy of Batcave.PL via /Film.




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