Watch: Kevin Bacon Is Afraid of ‘The Darkness’ in New Trailer

     March 10, 2016


Greg McLean has a thing for the outdoorsy vacations. Namely, they will fuck you up. The writer/director made the outback terrifying with Wolf Creek, which focused on the human threat potentially lying in wait in the remote wilderness. He took on the ferocious forces of nature itself the underloved giant croc gem Rogue. Now Blumhouse has released a trailer for his latest horror pic, The Darkness, which finds McLean tackling the supernatural predators in the great outdoors.

The film follows a family (headed up by Kevin Bacon, Rhada Mitchell, and Gotham‘s baby Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz) who returns home from a vacation at the grand canyon to find that they brought a malicious spirit home with them. As the supernatural force takes over the young son (Mazouz), it threatens to consume their lives and tear them apart from within.

The Darkness opens nationwide May 16th. Check out the trailer below.

Much like the plot summary, the trailer is a bit generic, and at a certain point you have to wonder just how scary handprints and stains really are, but McLean has a knack for taking ideas that seem trite (homicidal backwoods predator, untamed wild monsters) and turning those ideas into something unique and compelling with his fleshed out characters and ability to build up the big scare. Likewise, the best of the Blumhouse films (Insidious, Sinister) tend to come along when the company hands the reigns to an established horror filmmaker and lets them do their thing. They’ve fallen off that path a bit in the last few years, but like last year’s The Visit, The Darkness could be a return to form.

Here’s the official summary.

From the director of the cult classic, WOLF CREEK, Greg McLean, comes the supernatural thriller THE DARKNESS, opening nationwide May 13th, 2016. As a family returns home from vacation at the Grand Canyon, they innocently bring home a supernatural force that preys off their own fears and vulnerabilities, threatening to destroy them from within, while consuming their lives with terrifying consequences.


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