Indie Spotlight: THE DEAL – A Short Film from Daniel Kaminsky

     August 24, 2013


If you’re going to cut your teeth on the Hollywood scene, there are few better filmmakers to align your stars with than Joss Whedon.  Such was the case for Daniel Kaminsky, an assistant to Whedon on The Avengers and a co-producer of the Shakespearean film, Much Ado About Nothing.  Now, Kaminsky has his own original piece in mind, but he needs a little help to get the production off the ground.  His short film, The Deal, is a supernatural thriller that sees former friends become bitter enemies as their dreams turn to nightmares over the course of a single night.  Sound like something you’d be interested in?  Hit the jump to find out more!

You can check out more details on the production of The Deal, along with the levels of donations and related swag, at the project’s IndieGoGo page here.  Or, hear it all from Kaminsky himself in this video to fans and potential donors:

Here’s more on the plot of The Deal:

BRYCE (19, Athletic) has had a bad year. After surviving a car accident, he had to miss his senior year of high school, including his varsity season as quarterback. His best friend HECTOR (19, life of the party) took his spot on the team and was able to get a scholarship, he’s now playing starting qb for a top school. The only person who stuck with Bryce through all this was his girlfriend, MONICA (18, pretty for a small town). She too had to sidetrack her future as an actress and is starting to regret it. So when Monica and Bryce arrive at a party to see their old friends – Bryce slowly realizes everyone has changed a lot since high school, but not all for the better. In fact, Bryce suspects JAMES (19, nerdy) may be responsible for all the changes happening in everyone’s lives and he sets out to find the truth. But that pursuit leads him down a path he will surely regret.

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