August 28, 2009

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IGN has posted the first trailer for “The Descent: Part 2,” a sequel to 2005’s indie British horror film. In this sequel, Sarah Carter returns to the cave that claimed her friends in hopes of rescuing them and, presumably, validating her outlandish story. I was very surprised and impressed by the first film, so this sequel has a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, I don’t think this trailer will quite whet the appetite of the original’s fans; it doesn’t show much (kind of like its predecessor’s theatrical trailer), and what we do see looks–and it pains me to say this–kind of bad. See the trailer for yourself after the jump.

Having watched it a couple times now, I think it boils down to the brightness. This time around,  we’re shown  so much of the Crawlers that they seem, well, human. It might just be me,but something about bright  shots  of naked people pursuing clothed people isn’t particularly frightening. Hopefully the final product will prove me wrong.

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