Larry Charles Reunites with Sacha Baron Cohen for THE DICTATOR

     November 15, 2010


Larry Charles is set to direct Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest film The Dictator. The film is written by Cohen and Curb Your Enthusiasm writers Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel.

This will be Charles’ third directorial outing on a Cohen project, having previously hit box office gold with the hilarious Borat, and the less hilarious Bruno. According to 24 Frames, the film will be Cohen’s next project after Martin Scorsese’s Hugo Cabret. Hit the jump for my thoughts and more info on the film.

The Dictator was picked up by Paramount back in April when they made a very generous offer to Cohen. Paramount was bidding against Sony and other studios for the rights to the film. Paramount ended up winning the rights after sending two goats wearing Paramount shirts to Cohen and his talent agency, WME.

larry_charles_02Cohen will reportedly play two roles in the movie: a goat herder (hence the goats from Paramount) and a deposed foreign dictator who gets lost in the United States. On first glance it seems to already have more layers than Bruno, and that could only be a good thing.

Back in 2006 everything seemed to be “very nice!” for Cohen and Charles as the whole world engaged in reciting never-ending Borat quotes. But it was understandable, because Borat still remains one of the funniest movies of the decade. Then along came Bruno in 2009, which felt forced and overly scripted, as well as trying to swap controversy for comedy. It’s good to see Cohen go for new characters here after officially retiring those from Da Ali G Show Following two characters will hopefully prevent The Dictator from dragging on or suffering with the same jokes. Here’s hoping this movie is bad… NOT.

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