New ‘The Discovery’ Trailer: Robert Redford Proves the Afterlife Exists in Netflix Thriller

     February 22, 2017


Netflix has unveiled a new trailer for The One I Love filmmaker Charlie McDowell’s twisty sci-fi thriller The Discovery. The film posits that a scientist, played by Robert Redford, announces proof that the afterlife exists. Shortly after his announcement, however, millions of people around the world began committing suicide, and he went into seclusion. The main crux of the story takes place a year after this discovery was announced, as the man’s estranged son (played by Jason Segel) finds his way to his father’s secluded compound where he falls in love with a woman (played by Rooney Mara) and tries to come to terms with his past.

I caught the film at the Sundance Film Festival back in January (read my full review here), and it’s a dark, twisty meditation on life and death that may prove divisive. Just as with McDowell’s previous film The One I Love, there are plenty of interesting twists to be found, but I’ll be curious to see how audiences respond to them. The movie is stylish but largely humorless, which can get draining as the entirety of the film is dealing with death. I seem to have liked it more than most, and it marks a refreshingly challenging entry to Netflix’s library of original films—I imagine it’ll offset the Adam Sandler content a tad.

This trailer is an accurate encapsulation of the trippy nature of the film, so if you dig this, you might dig the movie. Check it out below. The film also stars Jesse Plemons, Riley Keough, and Mary Steenburgen and will be available on Netflix starting March 31st.

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