‘The End of the F***ing World’ Creator on Season 2 Conversations and Expanding the Story

     January 25, 2018


The End of the F***ing World is the latest Netflix binge-watch to take the internet by storm. Based on the comic series of the same name by Charles Forsman, the Channel 4 and Netflix series follows two oddball teens on a road trip through England that takes them out of the drudge of their daily life to all kinds of wild, violent, and unpredictable extremes.

The first season of The End of the F***ng World follows James (Alex Lawther), a 17-year-old boy who believes he’s a psychopath and decides to murder somebody, and Alyssa (Jessica Barden), his high school classmate who decides he’s just the guy to help her escape her demons. Tother, the pair hit the road and before long, they develop an unlikely, passionate bond that sends their angst-ridden teen romance barreling out of control. And it all ends on one hell of an ambiguous stinger.

The End of the F***ing World

Image via Netflix

Without getting into spoilers, The End of the F***cking World wraps up in a way that could be perfectly complete on its own, if tantalizingly ambiguous, or simply act as a cliffhanger on the way to Season 2. Considering the rabid fandom the first series sparked, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Netflix and the creative team are considering how to continue to the story beyond the comic. I recently hopped on the phone for a chat with series creator Jonathan Entwistle, who developed the project for a decade before finally seeing it come to fruition, and he confirmed that he’s been in conversations with the streaming network about the possibility of Season 2.

“I think it’s an interesting conversation and it’s one that we’ve been having at great length since the show kind of took off really. And literally, I get a thousand messages a day on social media about whether there’s going to be a Season 2 or not. And I just think that it’s … We’re exploring and we’re seeing what we can do to expand the world and see where we get to. But we conceived the show as, in a way, as a movie; a movie in structure. And I think that that is something we’re going to have to expand if we want a bigger story.”

Entwistle also made it clear that, despite the fact that fans are clamoring for more episodes, the prospect of a second season isn’t something he or the folks at Netflix are rushing into thoughtlessly.

“No, no way. And I think that it’s interesting because the critics have been split on Season 2, and it’s been very interesting to sit back and look at what people have been saying about it. And I know that Netflix is very, very interested in the way people have been talking about Season 2, so it should be very interesting to see where we get to.”


Image via Netflix

What would Season 2 entail? The series is all about James and Alyssa, which means that a second season would almost certainly stray from the slightly less ambiguous path laid out by the end of the comic. Speaking with Thrillist, Entwistle was clear on what Season 2 would mean to him.

“For me, it’s about James and Alyssa — and I think that’s what people have connected with. I think a Season 2 would have to involve James and Alyssa somehow. I just love the world of them out there on the road, doing something in a weird world. So for me, any story that we expand keeps them out there somewhere.”

For now, Entwistle also gave us some recommendations for what to watch in the meantime to get you through the End of the Fucking World withdrawals.

“I’d say that any of Chuck Forsman’s other books are absolutely amazing. If you love the world of “End of the Fucking World,” then all of his books have this tonality, this kind of deadpan cinematic nature to them. And I guess when it comes to TV, you want to be watching Season 1 of “Twin Peaks.” That’s all you need, Season 1 of “Twin Peaks.” And “Fargo.” And you need to go back even further and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” even if it’s not Christmas, because that is not a million miles away from the show we’ve made in some respects.”

Stay tuned for more from our interview from Entwistle and for all the breaking news on Season 2. All 8 episodes of The End of the Fucking World are now on Netflix.