Heroes: Will The Eternals Be Part of ‘Avengers 4’?

     June 20, 2018

On this 255th episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Robert Meyer Burnett, and Coy Jandreau discuss the following:

  • With Variety’s report that Jared Leto will be starring in a Joker standalone movie and Deadline confirming that Todd Phillips‘ Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix is still in the works, the panel speculates on how many Joker movies is too much.
  • Given the success of Black Panther, the panel debates of other superheroes of color like Icon or Nighthawk will get the feature film treatment in the near future.
  • The panel explores if the Secret Wars, Secret Invasion or Secret Empire stories from the comic books could be weaved into future MCU movies.
  • If several main heroes leave Marvel by way of Avengers 4 and MCU’s Phase Four focuses on newer heroes, can DC overtake Marvel in terms of popularity and critical acclaim?
  • The panel answers how many movies a year DC should make under their DC Dark or DC Black banner.
  • The panel offers their thoughts on what they expect to see at San Diego Comic Con this year with DC being the biggest draw this year.
  • Should Superman: Red Son should be the next animated film from Warner Bros. Animation?
  • What happened to the James Franco/Multiple Man project from a while ago? Are there any updates on it?
  • Would you like to see Image’s Monstress comic book series get the anime or live action treatment?
  • What is your favorite easter egg in a comic book movie?

Image via Warner Bros.

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